No Secondhand Smoke-拒抽二手烟,No Secondhand Smoke-拒抽二手

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    No Secondhand Smoke-拒抽二手烟

    It is very uncomfortable to inhale the smoke of a cigarette smoker. I know this for a fact, since my father smokes a lot. When we are together in a a room, the smoke he exhales fills my lungs and also makes my eyes water.

    If possible, smoking in public should be banned altogether, because it is unfair for non-smokers to go through the ordeal of breathing smoke-filled air. so it is very inconsiderate of people to smoke in front of others. In airplanes, people who smoke are separated from passengers who don't. For the sake of everybody's health, I think this should be done in other public places too.



    No Secondhand Smoke-拒抽二手烟

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