Effects of the Working Woman’s Absence f.

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     Effects of the Working Woman’s Absence from Home Outline
    Introduction: More and more women tend to have a career.
    Body:      Her absence affects the entire family, with her husband, her children, and even herself included.Conclusion: Her absence affects the entire family unfavorably.
        As more and more women wish to gain their freedom both physically andfinancially, they step out into the world of work, competing with the opposite sex for
    opportunities to actualize their own dreams. Having created benefit for the society andprofit for themselves, they have deserted their homes to some extent.
        The working woman’s family is often unfavorably affected by her absence fromhome. Since her hours at home are lessened, she does not have as much time to attend
    to household affairs as she might otherwise have. Her neglect of the household affairs causes discomfort to the entire family. The husband does not want to invite friends over. The children are embarrassed to ask playmates to come over with them. Even the working wife herself is irritable, since she would like to have a tidy home but does not have time. The meals, too, are neglected. The lack of time does not allow the working woman to plan meals, so that the meals at times are unbalanced.
        Consequently, the entire family might very well be adversely affected by the lady of the house, undertaking the responsibilities of a working woman who must be absent from home a great deal of the tim

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