Too many essential(必要的) for children to learn

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  • Too many essential(必要的) for children to learn
    There are too many essential for children to learn. These days many school teachers, with their allies(同盟者)---the children’s parents, try to stuff(,填塞) a child’s head with as many dates, facts and ideas as possible, whether the knowledge him or not, ever if it sickens or frightens him. This way of educating is really unhealthy and even harmful.
    It is foolish for educators to prescribe(规定) that there must be a certain amount of knowledge necessary for every child to be taught. It’s more foolish so believe that unless forced work children will never learn anything. Forcing children to accept as much as possible what we adults think they must be taught can only harm their intellectual(智力的) development. The child who is forced to learn or learns something only to pleased or appease(缓和) his teachers and parents forget what he learns when the need for pleasing is over.
    A good school should create an environment in which each child in his way follows his curiosity(好奇心). He should learn everything naturally rather than forcibly(强迫地). In this way his potential will be fully developed and he will make a maximum contribution to society.

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