Making friends

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  • Making friends
    Every one needs friends. One relies on his friends for a lot of help during his lifetime; friends not only help through his difficulties and hardships(艰难) but also share his joys. Without friends one feels lonely and solitary(寂寞的).
    Knowing how valuable friends are, we should be very careful in making friends. In order to make friends one should reach out first instead of just waiting. When one takes in initiative(主动的行动), he will find many people who have common goals, tastes and interest with his. And his circle of friends grows. If one is always concerned about other people and helps them rid out a storm(平安度过困难), they will certainly become his good friends.
    One should be polite, prudent(审慎的), sincere, honest, tolerant(宽恕的) and considerate in making friends. But one should also keep the principle in his mind that a good friends is helpful while a bad friends would be harmful. One should break off with false friends, get to know new ones and never forget old ones.
    As distance test a horse’s strength, so does time reveal(展现) a person’s heart. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A long-term contact(接触) with someone will tell you who is a loyal(忠诚的) friend and who is not. Life is a long way full of troubles, difficulties, hardships and pain. It is imperative(必要的) to make good friends and keep the flowers of lasting friendship in full blossom(生长茂盛). 

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