Reluctance(不情愿) to have children

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  • Reluctance(不情愿) to have children
    After years of enthusiasm(热情) for more children, childbearing(分娩) is losing its appeal for many young couples, especially in big cities. Many newly-weds put off having children or decide not to have any at all. The reasons are as follows:
    There is a growing desire for the freedom and happiness of a childless life. More and more young people prefer to spend their precious youth, and their limited money and energy on other things like vacations. Another reason is that they see childbearing as a heavy burden which will take up a lot of the fun time of their lives. Reluctance to have children is also attributed(归因于) to increasing demand for personality development and self-fulfillment(自我实现). A large number of young people go to different kinds of schools after a day’s work to learn foreign language and computers. They are so busy working for diplomas(毕业文凭) and degrees, well-paid jobs and promotion(晋级) that they can hardly consider having a child.
    After all, the trend(趋向) that young couples don’t want to become parents reflects a significant(值得注意的) change in traditional values. Modern youth no longer abide(忍受) by the notion(想法) that to have children is to assure being taken care of in old age and carrying on the husband’s family name.

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