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  • Women
    Women are playing an increasingly important role in society. Successful women such as government officials, scientists, athletes, teachers and doctors are found everywhere. We can say that many jobs which were done only by men in the past can be done equally well by women now. women are making their influence felt in all walks of life(各行各业).
    With the changes in their social role, women’s position in the family has been improved as well. The husband is no longer the only economic provider of the family income and the wife is no longer economically dependent. The cope(妥善处理) with the problems of daily life together, and share happiness and sadness with each other.
    In spite of these changes, women still face many difficulties and obstacles(障碍) due to traditional roles and limited economic strength. In addition to fighting against the old ideas, the effort should be made to awake women to the prejudice(偏见), and encourage women to build their independent careers and realize their full potential.
    No doubt, women still have a long way to go in their struggle for complete equality with men.

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