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    Test 4

    1.Even though he has lived in China for many years, Mark still can not _______ himself to the Chinese customs.

    A.adopt B.adjust C.adapt D.accept

    2.He tried to _______ with the manager for has salary.

    A.evaluate B.object C.bargain D.pause

    3.To some _______, Mary still does not understand this unit. But she herself does not believe so.

    A.extend B.part C.extent D.content

    4.Great Britain and France will hold a _______ regarding some European economic problems.

    A.conference B.reference C.conversion D.cooperation

    5.Since he often travels on business, he can _______ himself to sleeping in any place he can find.

    A.make B.accustom C.force D.let

    6.He has _______ much time and energy for his invention.

    A.contained B.proceeded C.consumed D.paid

    7.A good teacher always tries to _______ students to ask question.

    A.encourage B.obey C.recall D.spread

    8.If you want to see the chairman of the department, you’d better make an _______ with his secretary first.

    A.admission B.agreement C.appointment D.alphabet

    9.They say the new film is a(n) _______ picture so they won’t go to see it.

    A. internal B.odd C.interesting D.dull

    10.The judge _______ the murderer to twenty years in prison.

    A.required B.ordered C.indicated D.sentenced

    11.This university has _______ a great deal since our last visit.

    A.appeared B.altered C.approached D.admired

    12.She is narrow minded and always _______ what other people have.

    A. jealous B.owes C.misses D.envies

    13.When he woke up from his dream, the frightened boy tried to _______ his mother’s arm.

    A.grape B.grey C.grip D.grave

    14.Mary has never been _______ a ship.

    A.abroad B.aboard C.above D.absorb

    15.The modern camera lens may be coated with more than ten _______ for each piece of its glass.

    A. levels B.stories C.layers D.formations

    16.The thief was _______ by the police at the railway station.

    A.carpet B.mined C.captured D.mounted

    17.In fact, there is no _______ liberty in any country.

    A.adequate B.absolute C.private D.practical

    18.There is too much noise outside. I can not _______my attention on my work.

    A.connect B.flat C.fill D.concentrate

    19.While studying at U.C.L.A.,Mr.Wang _______ his old friend, whom he has not seen for nearly twenty years.

    A.encountered B.whispered C.swung D.maid

    20.The _______ production of engines in our factory has doubled this year.

    A.manual B.annual C.amount D.alike

    21.The Foreign Minister made an excellent _______ on the current international situation.

    A.committee B.command C.comment D.commission

    22.They _______ cattle mainly for the international market.

    A.carpenter B.district C.ox D.breed

    23.He went to the dance last night but couldn’t find a _______ because of his strange clothes.

    A.pond B.saddle C.partner D.salad

    24.Her father will never _______ of her going to study in the United States alone.

    A.prove B.agree C.admit D.approve

    25.I wish I could _______ you somehow for your kindness.

    A.straw B.issue C.reward D.own

    26.Our teacher was _______ by the funny story.

    A.naked B.yielded C.amused D.expanded

    27.The young people made a new _______ to the governor

    A.proposal B.submerge C.tendency D.thread

    28.In the film we saw last night, the hero _______ his wife to death with his sword.

    A.throat B.thrust C.trust D.thread

    29.If there is no other way to save a _______ person in a tall building on fire, fire fighters may spread a net into which the person can jump.

    A.volt B.wrapped C.trapped D.deserted

    30.Since 1978, many new _______ have been developed in our university to meet the increasing demands of the students.

    A.disciplines B.entrances C.checks D.flames

    31.How can we finish the work in the _______ of any other helpers?

    A.era B.haste C.spare D.absence

    32.The wounded soldiers’ blood _______ the ground red at the front.

    A.died B.dumped C.drawed D.dyed

    33.There are two governments in this country. But neither of them is regarded as the _______ one by the other.

    A.panel B.legal C.purple D.republic

    34.The question then ________: What are we going to do when we graduate from the university?

    A.raises B.arouses C.arises D.rises

    35.The _______ between the two playing periods of a football game is only a few minutes.

    A. internal B.reserve C.interval D.radium

    36.What we need to learn is how to put theory into _______ when we begin our fieldwork here.

    A.appearance B.application C.accomplish D.achievement

    37.It is a _______ truth that man is the only animal that has the power to speak and reason.

    A.worthy B.virtual C.universal D.indefinite

    38.His speech _______ the young people to continue their study.

    A.glanced B.delayed C.inspired D.created

    39.The ground around here is mostly _______ and not very good for farming.

    A.board B.clay C.kid D.wax

    40.Some people say that education is the best _______ for children.

    A. investigation B.organization C.investment D.origin

    41.She likes the _______ flower instead of the natural one.

    A. article B.adventure C.ancient D.artificial

    42.This highway runs _______ to the railway.

    A. identical B.suitable C.parallel D.distribution

    43.The rent for this house is $ 250. But you need also pay $50 first as the _______.

    A.deposit B.council C.desired D.submitted

    44.The rebuilding plan was _______ to the committee.

    A.taped B.admitted C.desired D.submitted

    45.Jack London worked very hard and finally he _______ success.

    A.made B.found C.sought D.achieved

    46.It’s just _______ bite. There is nothing to worry about.

    A.a vessel B.a temple C.an insect D.an arbitrary

    47.Jack is _______ of stealing the books from the library.

    A.accused B.witnessed C.strained D.found

    48.Metals expand when they are heated and _______ when cooled.

    A. indicate B.eliminate C.conquer D.contract

    49.In order to _______ a good knowledge of English, he gave up his job and went to study in an English school.

    A.require B.inquire C.acquire D.address

    50.He checked carefully to _______ the possible errors in his design.

    A.eliminate B.exceed C.enlarge D.vibrate

    1.C 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.D 10.D 11.B 12.D 13.C 14.B 15.C 16.C 17.B 18.D 19.A 20.B 21.C 22.D 23.C 24.D 25.C 26.C 27.A 28.B 29.C 30.A 31.D 32.D 33.B 34.C 35.C 36.B 37.C 38.C 39.B 40.C 41.D 42.C 43.A 44.D 45.D 46.C 47.A 48.D 49.C 50.A

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