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    Test 5

    1.His proposal is _______ to all of us and you do not need to tell us more about it.

    A.apparent B.appearing C.approaching D.apart

    2.This mountain range has many high _______ and fertile valleys.

    A.peaks B.hills C.phases D.pink

    3.He gave us a good _______ of his experience.

    A.demonstration B.frequency C.descripton D.instruction

    4.You have your choice of three _______ of ice cream.

    A.varieties B.tops C.respects D.decks

    5.This sick man was _______ in a blanket.

    A. input B.issued C.ensured D.wrapped

    6.This is the military ________. Nobody is allowed to get in without permission.

    A.bond B.zone C.butter D.zoo

    7.Rock music usually _______ the young people in most countries.

    A.applies to B.appeals to C.amazes D.actress

    8.Would he have seen you if you hadn’t _______ to him?

    A. intended B.waved C.expressed D.debt

    9.Everyone _______ the right to his own opinion.

    A. imitates B.requests C.deserves D.outlines

    10. I’m worried about the appearance of the floor. I need to _______ it.

    A.clean B.fix C.wax D.oven

    11. He felt _______ of what he had done in school.

    A.shy B.ash C.advisable D.ashamed

    12. Milk,butter,and cheese are _______ here from the farms.

    A. imported B.transferred C.transformed D.transported

    13.I never realized that someday I would be married to a _______.

    A.molecule B.oxygen C.genius D.rug

    14.We all _______ your coming to help us.

    A.appropriate B.appreciate C.admit D.affect

    15.What they are _______ about is which comes first: the chicken or the egg?

    A.summing B.striking C.stirring D.arguing

    16.I certainly didn’t intend to _______ your plans.

    A.upset B.shake C.shave D.drag

    17.If you want a pen, look inside the _______ of the desk.

    A.box B.drawer C.major D.melt

    18.Under no _______ will I go there again.

    A.circumstances B.situation C.giant D.happen

    19.This supermarket developed rapidly under his _______.

    A.administration B.suggestion C.approach D.appearance

    20.That is a _______ point of view. I don’t agree with you.

    A.crystal B.protein C.union D.conservative

    21.That radio company is so big that it has a lot of _______ in foreign countries.

    A. introducers B.instructors C.conductors D.agents

    22.I am afraid it was a _______ for you to do this.

    A.bother B.bitter C.bake D.band

    23During these ten years, many new methods have been _______ in the field of foreigh language teaching.

    A.adopted B.adapted C.alarmed D.aided

    24.That is _______ behavior and nobody likes it.

    A.whistle B.structural C.selfish D.fur

    25.Yesterday was such a _______ day we decided to go for a drive.

    A.glorious B.dynamical C.avenue D.invitation

    26.Two lines can form an infinite number of _______.

    A.ankles B.angles C.angels D.adults

    27.He needed a _______ operation.

    A.missile B.indirect C.income D.minor

    28.Most people say that the new film is a ______.

    A.mystery B.smart C.furniture D.custom

    29.They serve _______ food in this restaurant.

    A.castle B.glue C.delicious D.wing

    30.We are leaving this afternoon, but we have not _______ our suitcases yet.

    A.trapped B.insulted C.packed D.invited

    31.The _______ of the house is beautifully painted.

    A.underneath B.well C.interior D.image

    32.A general _______ is held in the United States every four years.

    A.selection B.choice C.election D.choose

    33.His friend was injured in an airplane _______.

    A.break B.crash C.fail D.falling

    34.I am a new _______. I was hired yesterday.

    A.employer B.employee C.employment D.fence

    35.I didn’t know where to send this _______ letter.

    A.registered B.maid C.mail D.male

    36.What are the _______ farm products in this region?

    A.principle B.princess C.principal D.prince

    37.Alan is a good football player and never breaks _______.

    A. legal B.regulations C.limitation D.agreement

    38.In college I _______ in science. What was your major?

    A.majored B.ordered C.recorded D.touched

    39.The first part of this paper is the _______ review.

    A. literature B.field C.study D.phenomenom

    40.The next time I buy a TV set, I’m going to buy one with a larger _______.

    A.front B.screen C.part D.menu

    41.This is the Chinese _______, translated from English.

    A.publication B.editor C.printing D.version

    42.He is a T. A. In the Department of English. T. A. Means teaching _______.

    A.assistance B.assistant C.associate D.assit

    43.Get up early and run every day. You will _______ a lot from it.

    A.receive B.make C.benefit D.win

    44.He always takes pride in his work. He is very _______.

    A.humble B.devoted C.respective D.formal

    45.Tomorrow we will _______ our day of independence.

    A.favor B.expose C.roar D.celebrate

    46.Your _______ in teaching is different from mine.

    A.altitude B.approach C.fuel D.lump

    47.How much are you going to _______ me for repairing this bike?

    A.charge B.request C.require D.need

    48.Culturally, this country is divided into two _______.

    A.tides B.sections C.verses D.yards

    49.Peter had his piano _______ yesterday and the result is excellent.

    A.tuned B.turned C.tied D.wound

    50.He said he is my _______ friend but I don’t think so.

    A. intensive B.onion C.intimate D.occasion

    1.A 2.A 3.C 4.A 5.D 6.B 7.B 8.B 9.C 10.C 11.D 12.D 13.C 14.B 15.D 16.A 17.B 18.A 19.A 20.D 21.D 22.A 23.A 24.C 25.A 26.B 27.D 28.A 29.C 30.C 31.C 32.D 33.B 34.B 35.A 36.C 37.B 38.A 39.A 40.B 41.D 42.B 43.C 44.B 45.D 46.B 47.A 48.B 49.A 50.C

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