What I Choose to Do upon Graduation,What I Choose to Do upon

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    What I Choose to Do upon Graduation 论文网 lunwen5.com

    What I Choose to Do upon Graduation
    Upon graduating from the university, every student is faced with a big, practical problem, that is, to make a choice for his/her future career. However, the choice varies from person to person. Some students want to find jobs in joint ventures, desiring to earn more money. Many are preparing for entering the graduate school, so they work hard to pass the entrance examination. Also, there are unambitious ones who are indifferent to the choice of career and think that any kind of job will satisfy their desire. Only a small number of students are at a loss what to choose. As to me, I am deter mined to further my studies abroad and I am fully supported by my parents.
    I have many reasons for my choice. The fundamental one is that in a developed country I can enrich my mind with most advanced professional knowledge in my speciality. I believe that the more I learn, the better equipped I will be with modern knowledge, and the more probably I will succeed in my pursuit. Some people suggest that I work while studying. Well, that might be a good idea. However, I would like to see more of the world when I am young, and I think three or four years' study will undoubtedly benefit my whole life. In addition, I am sure that I will certainly have more opportunities to get a satisfactory job in future with the profound knowledge I learn in graduate school abroad.

    What I Choose to Do upon Graduation 论文网 lunwen5.com

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